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Bengalis are insulted in public by collaborators or Raakars€™ for helping the freedom fighters or ˜Muktis€™ during the Liberation War. Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1971.

Bangladesh 1971: Victorious muktis returning home.

For the first time, student leaders hoist the newly designed National Flag of Bangladesh in Dhaka University. March 3, 1971.

Students march on to join the mass uprising of 1969. Dhaka.

Beside modern weapons primitive weaponry were also used in the Liberation War in 1971.

Protesting students of the Awami League on the streets during the non-coperation movement of 1970. Bangladesh.

Portrait of General M. A. G. Osmani, the commander in chief of all Bangladesh armed forces and Mukti Bahini, during the Liberation War in 1971. Bangladesh.

The victorious Freedom fighters or ‘Muktis’. Bangladesh. 1971.

Remains of slain Bengalis by the Pak military during Liberation War. Bangladesh. 1971.

The victorious Freedom fighters or ‘Muktis’. Bangladesh. 1971.

Freedom loving people take combat training to liberate Bangladesh. 1971.

General M.A.G. Osmani, Supreme Commander of Muktibahini and Bangladesh Armed Forces during the Liberation War, visits war wracked areas. Bangladesh. 1971.