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An injured Freedom fighter or 'Mukti Shena'. Bangladesh. 1971.

The newly designed flag of Bangladesh is hoisted at the residence of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman for the first time. Dhaka. March 23, 1971.

Mukti's (Freedom fighters) at a training camp in sector 9, Bangladesh. 1971.

Bangladesh 1971: Freedom fighter's convoy, crossing the river for a raid in sector 9.

January 24, 1972: Bangabandhu takes on his lap a brave Young Freedom fighter Shahidur Rahaman Lalu, who destroyed a bunker of the Pak invading force by grenade. Beside them stands Bangabir Kader Siddiqui also known as Tiger Siddiqui.

Before the formal surrender of Pakistani military, shooting broke out between the Pak soldiers and Muktis in front of Hotel Intercontinental now Hotel Sheraton. Pakistani soldiers surrender with their hands up just a few moments later. Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1971.

January 24, 1972: A legendary freedom fighter, Bangabir Kader Siddiqui also known as Tiger Siddiqui, lays down his arms to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman in Tangail. Bangladesh.

General Niazi of the occupation forces was the first to sign the document of surrender, sitting beside him was General Aurora of the Indian army. They are flanked by commander of the Bangladesh Air Force, A.K. Khondokar and Indian Army officers. Bangladesh. December 16, 1971.

During the Liberation War, false picture of a stable and peaceful country used to be shown in cinema halls under the title ‘Pakistani News in Picture’. To stop this propaganda of the military government, freedom fighters blew up the film maker D.F.P’s office building. Dhaka. 1971.

On 6th December 1971, as India acknowledges Bangladesh as an independent state, Bangladeshis in Kolkata bring out a large victory procession.

Young men and women doing physical exercise at Salt Lake refugee camp in Kolkata, India. September 1971.

Refugee camp at Barasat, Choudda Pargana, West Bengal, India. 1971.