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A girl with her infant brother at Salt lake refugee camp. September 1971.

A man stands beside a house destroyed by Pakistani army during the Liberation War. Kushtia, Bangladesh. 1971.

March 25, 1971, freedom loving people raise the flag of Independent Bangladesh at Kushtia High school field.

A huge crowd gathered at the meeting at Brigade Moidan in Kolkata when Indira Gandhi delivered her speech in favor of Bangladesh’s freedom. India. December 3, 1971.

The Hardinge Bridge, destroyed by Pakistani army on 11th December 1971. Kushtia, Bangladesh.

A training camp of the freedom fighters at Shikarpur Nadia on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr. Bangladesh. November 20, 1971.

Cultural program at a refugee camp during Liberation war in Bangladesh. 1971.

Allied force at the foot of Jhikargacha bridge destroyed by Pakistani army. Bangladesh. 1971.

A girl with her infant brother at Jalangi refugee camp in Baharampur, West Bengal, India. 1971.

British M.P. Donald Chaseworth, Barrister Amirul Islam M.P. and local M.P. Abed Ali at Burimari check post, Patgraam, Rangpur, Bangladesh. October 1, 1971.

Jalangi Refugee camp, Baharampur, West Bengal, India. November 20, 1971.

People of Jessore returning home after liberation. Bangladesh. December 10, 1971.