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Life is a characteristic that distinguishes

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A woman hangs a sari on the pier of her home on a lake. Bangladesh. December 17, 2012.

A boy in a pond sees his father bathing a cow. Bangladesh. 2010.

A man reads a newspaper sitting on the steps of an overbridge, in Dhaka city, Bangladesh. 2014.

A man sells newspapers from a pavement. Bangladesh. 2014.

A man bathes his cow in a wetland. Bangladesh. 2014.

A rural woman moulds clay to make pottery. Bangladesh. 2014.

A woman gives finishing touch to her potteries while her daughter takes breakfast befroe going to school. Bangladesh. 2014.

In early morning, the common villagers here in Bangladesh start their daily life with different activities and most of their life in completely dependent on nature. For fuel, they collect woods and leaves. Such a typical activity is tried out to be captured in this picture. On top of everything, their life is full of green. Jhalakathi, Barisal, Bangladesh. 2014.

A rural peddler (feriwalah) on his bicycle. Bangladesh. 2012.

Rural boys grazing cows in the field. Bangladesh. 2012.

Rural boys collect stalks of water lily (shapla) from a swamp. It's a popular vegetable in the rural areas. Bangladesh. 2012.

A woman weaves a basket with bamboo strips. Bangladesh. March 10, 2012.