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Adolescent worker carrying a bamboo pole during heavy rainfall. Chittagong, Bangladesh. 2008.

Siblings during fodder collection on the bank of the eroding Padma river. Bangladesh. 2007.

Slum children at play. Savar, Bangladesh. 2006.

Koch siblings at play. Modhupur, Tangail, Bangladesh. 2008.

Portrait of a girl, lives in the slum of Hazaribagh tannery area. Hazaribagh, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 2007.

Little girl tends to play dhol. Dhaka, Bangladesh. 2007.

Portrait of children live in slum beside Hazaribagh tannery area. Hazaribagh, Dhaka. 2007.

Grandmother and granddaughter. Jessore, Bangladesh. 2006.

Portrait of a girl at a tannery. Dhaka, Bangladesh. 2006.

Gipsy children take shelter under the tent during heavy rainfall. Shariatpur, Bangladesh. 2008.

Rural child carrying water for the chilli plant. Shariatpur, Bangladesh. 2008.

tokai boys having a splash in the polluted water of the Buriganga river during a summer afternoon. Shadarghat, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 2011.