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Farmer carrying guava and green banana on boat to the wholesale floating market in Atghar Kuriana, Jhalakathi. Bangladesh.

Girl at the paddy field. Bangladesh. 2016.

Flooded area of Bangladesh. 2017.

Rural woman taking the cow for grazing. Bangladesh. 2017.

Porter unloading watermelon from the boat. Sadarghat, Bangladesh. 2016.

Portrait of children of Bangladesh. 2015.

Porter taking rest during leisure time. Sadarghat, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 2016.

Boy on the pile of watermelon. Sadarghat, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 2016.

Boat on the polluted river of Bangladesh. 2016.

Fishermen catching fish during a misty winter morning. Bangladesh. 2016.

Silhouette; Village; Rural; Bullock cart; Agriculture; Agricultural; Paddy field; Wheel; Day; Day light; Horizontal; Bangladesh; South Asia; Asia; Drik images

Rural boy with a flock of swan at a agricultural field during winter. Bangladesh. 2016.