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Buddhist celebrating religious festival in Bandarban. Bangladesh. 2009.

Gathering of Gonojagoron Moncho against the war criminals of 1971 at Shahbagh intersection, also known as the Projanma Chattar. Shahabag, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 2013.

Worker preapring a wall for paint. Bangladesh. 2016.

Top view of a park in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 2016.

A school techer conducting class on population topic. Bangladesh. 2016.

A group of musicians playing dhol, a traditional instrument. Dhaka, Bangladesh. 2011.

Foggy evening in Dhaka. Bangladesh. 2010.

Foggy evening in Dhaka. Bangladesh. 2010.

A cheerful child in front of Hindu godess idols.Bangladesh. 2016.

Man tends to dry cloth in sun. Bangladesh. 2016.

Portrait of a boy through the broken fence of the house. Bangladesh. 2015.

Portrait of a boy. Bangladesh. 2015.