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I am a Bangladeshi photographer and multimedia journalist and have been working for Drik Picture Library Limited as a Consultant, Rural Visual Journalism Network (RVJN) and lecturer in Pathshala, The South Asian Media Academy. My work had been exhibited in Bangladesh, Germany, Netherlands and Malaysia. My images were published in international publications like the Time Journal of Photography, The Saudi Aramco World and the book, Our World of Water by Oxfam GB. 

I completed my Master of Commerce (Marketing) in 1995 and Bachelor of Commerce (Hon in Marketing) in 1994 from the University of Dhaka before pursuing my PhD in history at Vrije Universiteit Brussels in Belgium. I joined Drik as a professional photographer in 2002 after completion of a three-year course on photography in Pathshala.

 I also contributed to five documentaries filmed in Bangladesh and in India for the TVE (Television for the Environment), which were broadcasted on BBC's 'Earth Report'. Themes of the TVE films included female agricultural workers initiative in Telapia farming in paddy fields; cooking sticks made by rice husks; sanitation successes in low-lying areas in Bangladesh; the use of solar energy in some coastal areas and “Village on the front line”.

 All through my career, my emphasis and interest have been on communicating with people to bring about positive changes in our lives. I want to encourage people to reconsider issues, and think positively towards activating the present for a better future.

 Specialties: Photography and Multimedia Journalism