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born in 1976 in the port city Chittagong, Bangladesh. He kept Chittagong as his basis for the exploration of the various regions of Bangladesh. Studied in commerce, he then acquired a fine arts and history of art background and trained on painting and designing before to start photography. From 2005 onwards, he has participated into workshops dedicated to photojournalism and photo documentary and reportage. Along the years, his work has focused on major social and environmental issues, various ethnic communities of the coastal areas and hill districts. He has also coordinated many workshops, including workshops under legendary French photographer Roland Michaud. He has participated as curator and coordinator of photography exhibitions, including the exhibition of ‘Tagore, the Universal Message’, an exhibition supported by UNESCO, in Chittagong, Dhaka and Delhi 2011, ‘Force Migration’ organized by Asian University for Women, Chittagong 2011, ‘Smile’ organized by Alliance Francaise de Chittagong, 2010, ‘Light… More Light (Part I & II) 2006 & 2011’ organized by Chattagram Photoartist Club, 2006 and 2011, ‘Portrait of Chittagong’ organized by Alliance Francaise de Chittagong, 2008. Nazir has been selected to join French photo agency Zeppelin in January 2011 as a contributor.