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Zahidul Karim Salim is born in October 1978 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. After my graduation from Pathshala South Asian Institute of Photography In 2004, I had worked for several newspaper and photographic firm till date. At present I am working as a photojournalist in a national daily newspaper named ‘The Daily Prothom Alo’. Usually I do single picture story for my newspaper but then I always try to make in-depth story from the issue and try and collect data and facts. During political and social incident, I do try to explore the oppressed people’s emotions that are affected by violence. I reside near tannery factory area named Hazaribag, one of the most polluted areas of Bangladesh. Diseases are spreading at an alarming rate, beside rivers and lands are becoming contaminated. I have been working there since 2010. I have done a story on Baul (Rural folk singer and devotee of Sufism) Khalek Dewan of Keraniganj, Dhaka. I also wish to address the superstition and misconception of the ruralpopulation. I have extra intention on the subject of child labor and risky job condition. Awards: Young Portfolio 2009, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts of Japan. 70th International Photographic Salon of Japan, 2010 1st Prize, Category: NGO, PR-bild Award 2011 3rd prize, Title: Security in Dhaka', photo competition organized by GTZ. 3rd prize, Title: 'Mother & Children', photo competition organized by Painted Children. Besides, a numbers of my pictures have been published on Germany, Canada, England and Japan’s newspaper and magazine.