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Spiritual man Omor who offers holy smoke for businessmen in exchange of one or two taka. In this way he collects over hundred taka from every evening to midnight. Dhaka, Bangladesh. May 4, 2007.

Karwan bazar can be described as the fag end shelter for child labourers. Uncountable hazarded and destitute children have their abode around the market. Dhaka, Bangladesh. May 10, 2007.

There is a school for the camp children named, “Sishu Sikkha Kendra”. Moymu is one of the students of this school. She wants to have a job in a garments factory when she grows old. Bangladesh. May 28, 2007.

Rahala and her elder sister works on handicrafts in front of their house. There are eight members in their family. The whole family is dependent on the earning from handicraft. Bangladesh. April 20, 2007.