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Portrait of Tara Bibi who is entitled 'Bir Bikram' for her couragious role in the Liberation War. The picture was taken after Liberation in World Women’s Day exhibition gallery. Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Training in Azimpur field, before Liberation. Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1971.

A freedom fighter or ‘Mukti Shena’ returns after Liberation on December 16, 1971. Dhaka, Bangladesh.

A dead body, found near Ramna Park a few days before Liberation. Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1971.

Returning from imprisonment in Pakistan, Bangabandhu visits his father at the PG Hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1971.

Students of Azimpur Girls’ School salute Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman after Liberation. Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1972.

December 16, 1971: A group of Freedom fighters or ‘Muktis’ in front of Hotel Sheraton, while they were returning from war. Dhaka, Bangladesh.