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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why can't I find the images I'm searching for?
  Try to search the image by typing the appropriate keyword or the image id number in the search box. If you are not satisfied with the online collection, you can also e-mail us at drikimages@drik.net letting us know your requirement. We will come back to you soon.

Can I search without being registered?
You cannot search images without registration, which is free and simple.

How do I get detailed information about an image?
Usually the image caption and keywords provide enough information about the image. Besides photographer's name and the image id number are also given along with the image.

How can I search the images using Image ID?
Ans: Just put the image id number in the search box and click ‘go’.

Can I pay or place an order online?
You can click on the ‘add to the light box’ button under the image and forward it to us via e-mail (drikimages@drik.net) for pricing.

How do I download images once I have purchased them?
Ans: After you have made payments for an image, you will receive a link from where you can download the hi-res version of the image.

What is image licensing?
Ans: Stock images are sold by purchasing a right to use an image under terms set out in a license, a legally binding agreement between the buyer and the seller.

What is meant by Exclusive Rights of Usage?
Ans: The Exclusive Rights of Usage or Rights Managed-Exclusive (RM-E) is a license that is more or less similar to the Rights Managed (RM) license, but includes terms restricting the photographer from making sales for a specified period in a specified location or locations. According to the severity of the restrictions, there is a premium paid over and above the cost of a traditional RM license. This will give a buyer exclusive use of an image.

Can I cancel an image license after I have purchased it?
Ans: At the sole discretion of Drik, a request for a cancellation of a license to reproduce an image may be accepted if made within thirty (30) days of the invoice date, and in such a case Drik may make a cancellation charge of half of the invoiced price(subject to a minimum cancellation charge of US$10 per picture).

How do I determine image prices?
Ans: After selecting an image you can click on the ‘add to the light box’ button under the image and forward it to us via e-mail (dpa@drik.net) for pricing.

How can I reuse a purchased image? What are the terms & conditions for multiple usages?
Ans: Terms and conditions for the re-use of a purchased image vary with the type of usage. The best way is to consult us by e-mail at dpa@drik.net.

What is the penalty for the unauthorized use of an image?
  Any use of images without authorization from Drik will constitute unauthorized use and will be subject to a penalty of triple the current market rate that the particular use of the image was put to.